Curated by Brienne Arrington

October 25 to November 15, 2003

Featuring works by:

Jeff Brady, Sarah Hunsuker, Lauren Lavitt, Luke Whitlatch

ART2102 is pleased to present SPLAT, a group show curated by Brienne Arrington that gathers the recent work of four local artists, utilizing paint as a means to speak the vernacular of abstraction, where color, texture and form take precedence.

All of the works in the show deal with issues of nebulousness and how the fluidity of the subject translates through the language of painting. Each painting is distinct both in form and process, engaging separate emotions and attitudes with the contents on their surface. They participate in an unspoken dialogue between each other in the exhibition space. The tone of each painting ranges from subtle to loud and in some cases the work acts as a metaphor for multiple expressions simultaneously. What tends to unify these works is the same guilty pleasure that all visually enticing painting possesses — superficiality.

The artists appreciate the physicality of the medium in which they work. They build layer upon layer to reiterate formless ideas. And although the pleasure that each artist receives from completing a painting is seemingly self-absorbed, it is equally imperative for each artist to utilize their creations to coax viewers into feeling the same seduction for the material present.

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