Sara Jordenö and Erlea Maneros

Curated by Songmi Huff

January 24 to February 28, 2004

The Southland Sketches Redux by Jones Sánchez

Curated by Ruben Ochoa

January 24, 2004, 7-10pm

Featuring works by:

Sara Jordenö, Erlea Maneros and Jonas Sanchez

Sara Jordenö's 16 mm film installation The Pool explores the ways in which desire effects the perception of events and how personal memory brushes up against political conditions and ideas. Constantly referring back to its own medium, the work lends its methods from experimental documentary and surrealist cinema.

Erlea Maneros appropriates images from mass media reinterpreting their documentary aesthetic. She uses painting to address the relationship between beauty and violence pointing to the ways we consume these events as palatable experiences.

[opening night event in conjunction with exhibition.]

JONES SÁNCHEZ The Southland Sketches Redux
CLASS: C, the mobile van gallery, in collaboration with FREEWAVES, is pleased to announceThe Southland Sketches Redux by Jones Sánchez.

Conceived and designed specifically for CLASS: C, The Southland Sketches Redux is a multi-channel audio and video installation combining miniature video screens and high-powered car audio components. The deceptively simple video montage and jarring surround audio sourced and mixed from infamous Hollywood car chases present a synchronized juxtaposition of suburban materiality, car culture, and Hollywood exploitation. The work encourages audiences to question their conventional understanding of Southern California's social stratification.

The January 2004 tour of The Southland Sketches Redux is produced in conjunction with FREEWAVES for the TV pilot program Público, directed by Juan Devis.

CLASS: C is a mobile gallery/event that is intended to expose the featured artists' works to a wide cross section of viewers at multiple venues across Southern California. Borrowing liberally from modern art, California's car culture, and street vending experience, Ruben Ochoa's customized delivery van seeks to blur the lines between the high and low as well as the private and public sphere within his roving "white cube".

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