Sabados Memories

curated by Bordermates

July 16 to August 6, 2005

Featuring works by:

Adriana Riquer, Gabriel Acevedo P, Daniela Edburg, Cacahuates Japoneses, Alvaro Verduzco, Sophie Nys, Marcus Randolf, Olivia Martin, Gabriel Acevedo V, Paulina Lasa, James Young, Kelly Coats, Renato Ornelas, Galia Eibenchutz, Yoshúa Okón, Yibrán Asuad, Pedro "Zulu" Gonzalez, Héctor "Gava" Dávila, André Krassoievitch, Alex Dorfsman, Erick Meyemberg, Douglas Rada, René Peñaloza, Isham Randolph, Jerónimo Hagerman, Xavier Rodríguez and more...

Bordermates is an independent artist collective from Mexico City, formed in 2002, which organizes events in distinct locations primarily in Mexico City. Based on a collaborative foundation that bridges the gap between artistic practice and new publics, the events to date have occurred in sites of social coexistence such as restaurants, bars, parking lots, etc.

Originally titled “Sabados de Chyg’s”, in the 2002-2003 project years, regular events were held at the Chyg’s fonda-restaurant at Tokio 84-PB in the Jœarez neighborhood. From Monday to Friday the eatery sells “comidascorridas” (a three course economical meal typical in Mexico) to the local nearby office community. On weekends, this zone converts into an urban desert, with all weekend activity reduced to essentially nothing. Appropriating this context, Bordermates organized 4 events in which 7 artists were invited to intervene the commercial business for one day, a Saturday, with works conceived specifically for the location. In each event, one of the artists was assigned to cook for the visiting public (approximately 60 people). The food was given away for free, allowing for “an experience” in which the visitor ate, participated, and observed mutually.

In 2004, this initiative was taken to a citywide level, Sabados Memories with a continual emphasis placed on intervention, food, social co-existence, and temporality. Please see the Bordermates website ( for more information.

For the exhibition at ART2102, Bordermates will be presenting a selection of works from 11 events organized to date. Some works will be re-created in-situ, while others will be presented in documentation formats. To open the exhibit, a "comida corrida" will be hosted in the gallery from 4pm to 9pm on July 16th.


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