Nomads + Residents

Presented by Corinna Schnitt

May 21, 2005

Video screening 7-9pm
Artist talk 9-10pm

Featuring works by:
Monika Pirch (Düsseldorf/Germany)
Julie Orser (Los Angeles/USA)

The event will focus on relations between the works of these two artists and their artistic positions. Both artists will present several recent projects, including Occurrence At Lookout Rock by Julie Orser and Anamnese by Monika Pirch.

In Occurrence At Lookout Rock, Julie employs four cameras to record, in opposing directions, a panoramic Western genre landscape that encircles the viewer. Utilizing a set of archetypical Western characters (The Lady, Saloon Girl, Cowgirl, and Outlaw), her video installation investigates the manufactured realism produced by the mise-en-scene without a narrative framework.

In Anamnese, Monika presents a set of handwritten poetic questions to the viewer in a school notebook. The questions deal with the repetition and duration of daily life situations, but cannot be answered. Each letter of the text is written upside down, which appear right side up for the viewer, generating a child-like style that mirrors the seriousness and absurdity of the questions in a special way.

This event is being presented as a forum for visitors in the arts: making connections, supporting networks, exchanging ideas and initiating dialogues. Corinna Schnitt, an artist based in Cologne temporarily living in Los Angeles, organized the event.

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