Miho Hagino

November 20 - December 18, 2004

Featuring works by:

Miho Hagino and Miho Hagino

ART2102 is pleased to announce the opening of Miho Hagino, a duo-solo show, a collaborative exhibition between two emerging Japanese artists of the same name, one Miho is based in Mexico City while the other Miho lives and works in Los Angeles.

While differences in media, practice, and visual language taken by two Mihos are palpable, the framework of this odd one-person show is a playful riddle with enigmatic homonyms; a house of mirrors where a clash of ego and alter ego is triggered. Both the artists and the audience come to identify a legitimate violation of authorship, which is for the artists themselves a point of unavoidable association that will resonate and confuse throughout their career.

Miho Hagino will present new works by the artists, concerned with identity and everyday coincidences, including a series of portrait paintings, free-floating, sculptural frames, and a range of Orozco-esque color photographs humorously depicting the everyday. In addition, Miho Ogino, Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the National University, Osaka was commissioned to write a brief text on this experiment. She was of course randomly selected by looking up on Google an individual whose name is closest to "Miho Hagino."

The exhibition is partly supported by the Conacultura, Mexico and the Japan Foundation.

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