Champion Fine Art: 2003-2005

October 14 - November 5, 2005

Featuring works by:

Fia Backström, Felicia Ballos and Flora Wiegmann, Walead Beshty, Lizzie Bougatsos, Valentin Carron, Meredith Danluck, Fabrice Gygi, Drew Heitzler, Shana Lutker, Tony Matelli, Aleksandra Mir, Alex Morrison, Carter Mull, Steven Parrino, Mai-thu Perret, Anna Sew Hoy, Josh Smith and Kelley Walker

ART2102 is pleased to invite you to the opening of Champion Fine Art:2003-2005, a partial history of the two-year, two-city series of artists-curated shows which concludes this month. Focusing on the legacy of Champion Fine Art, the exhibition includes works and ephemera presented in some of the twenty-one shows at Champion, as well as an archive of cards and limited edition catalogs, offering an insight into the artists-run gallery, and reflecting on the energy that drove it. As remnants of the two-year program, the work in the exhibition emulates the temporary nature of Champion as well as its focus on process and do-it-yourself attitude.

Currently based in Culver City, Champion Fine Art was initiated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2003 by Drew Heitzler and Flora Wiegmann as an artists' space that would host twenty-one exhibitions over a period of two years. Each project was curated by an artist, and often followed existing networks of friends and practitioners. Developing out of a defining moment for many artists-run galleries, Champion aimed to preserve the independent nature of such spaces and resist the growing influence of curatorial professional practice, the bureaucracy that often results from non-profit organizations, and the market forces that drive commercial galleries.

#1: Annotations, the last exhibition at Champion Fine Art is on view until November 5. Visit for details.

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