A Momentary Video Exhibition

One time viewing
Saturday July 8th 2006

6 to 8 pm

In the parking lot of
2700 La Cienega Blvd

Featuring works by: Lindsay Lawson, Laura Riboli, Jean Robison, Scott Wolniak

Curated by: Allegra Madsen

ART2102 is pleased to continue its off-site series of events with Specious: A Momentary Video Exhibition. Specious is a series of video works presented in a box truck in the parking lot of 2700 La Cienega for one night. The confines of the truck house a video program that deals with the moment between perception and understanding, before what is seen is burdened with meaning. Specious reveals the viewer's decision to either entertain or suspend their own disbelief. The work presented here focuses on objects that gradually transform and morph; leaving us to wonder what exactly has changed beyond, perhaps, the credibility of the self-constructed narrative. This stutter between physical recognition and interpretation creates a fissure in the personal desire for belief and the impossibility of it.

This exhibition is kindly supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The Peter Norton Family Foundation.

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