ART2102: a locus for discussion, inquiry and dissemination

Established in Los Angeles in 2003, ART2102 is an itinerant non-profit that is a catalyst for collaboration between practitioners locally and internationally, providing a responsive context for artists, writers and curators to develop independent projects


IN RESPONSE TO THE CULTURAL CLIMATE of Southern California and the particular urban condition of Los Angeles, ART2102 focuses on providing a support structure for projects that are unwilling or unsuited to being enacted in the traditional institutional or commercial frame. ART2102’s program strives to incorporate, but is not limited to, gallery-based exhibitions, panel discussions and screenings which expand the dialogue between local, international, emerging and mid-career artists. Functioning as both a structural support for projects realized on and off-site and as a place for critical reflection, ART2102 also sees its role as a unique site of exchange for contemporary practitioners invested in the political and social aspects of art - be they curators, artists, or critics.

Programming Development

ART2102’s programming is developed through a dialogue between the Board of Directors, the Curator in Residence and Programming Advisors that consists of artists or curators, invited by the Directors for a period ranging from six months to a year.


Curator in Residence Program

ART2102 has established a Curator in Residence program to further facilitate the necessary dialogue between emerging and established arts professionals. This residency affords practicing professionals and recent graduates the benefit of gaining practical experience and skills by participating in the various components of a contemporary art space. The program offers an intense period of intellectual stimulation through debate and research as well and ranges from between 3-6 months.

ART2102 is run by Kate Fowle, Ronni Kimm, Paco Marcial, Erlea Maneros and Renaud Proch.

ART2102's Advsiory Board is composed of:
Rika Hiro [founding members]
Songmi Huff [founding members]
Tom Lawson
Paul McCarthy
Kori Newkirk
Yoshua Okon

Programming Advisors: Rita Gonzalez, Drew Heitzler and Ali Subotnick.

Curator in Residence: Danny Orendorff

Interns: Hector Maurizio Pinada

For any inquiries, please contact us at info at art2102 dot org or call 213-268-8109.


ART2102 is supported, in part, by generous contributions from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The Peter Norton Family Foundation.