ART2102: a locus for discussion, inquiry and dissemination

ESTABLISHED IN LOS ANGELES IN 2003, ART2102 is an itinerant non-profit that is a catalyst for local and international collaboration between practitioners while providing a responsive context for artists, writers and curators to develop independent projects.

In response to the cultural climate of Southern California and the particular urban condition of Los Angeles, ART2102 focuses on providing a support structure for projects that are unwilling or unsuited to being enacted in the traditional institutional or commercial frame. ART2102’s program strives to incorporate, but is not limited to, gallery-based exhibitions, panel discussions and screenings which expand the dialogue between local, international, emerging and mid-career artists. Functioning as both a structural support for projects realized on and off-site and as a place for critical reflection, ART2102 also sees its role as a unique site of exchange for contemporary practitioners invested in the political and social aspects of art - be they curators, artists, or critics.

2008 Program
In its fifth year of programming, ART2102 will collaborate with a number of emerging alternative art spaces and initiatives in and beyond Los Angeles.

Nearly two years ago, ART2102 set out to foster a greater interaction in the city's art community through a series of conversations and panel discussions entitled Sunshine Quoi? The discussions took place with people involved in some of the most interesting alternative art spaces in Los Angeles at the time. The events revealed an urgent need for platforms of exchange for Los Angeles' complex, sprawling, urban arts community, and for a deeper awareness and wider exposure of experimental practices occurring outside the city's main art institutions.

Many of the art spaces - Machine Project, Outpost for Contemporary Art, LA›‹ART, Sundown Salon and TELIC, to name a few - have grown to receive levels of support that affirm the need for these alternative venues throughout Los Angeles' contemporary art community. Informed by these alternative models, new generations of artists, curators and writers are continuing to propose and experiment with ever evolving forms of art spaces and initiatives. Once the cycle of emergence and growth begins, however, visibility and sustainable funding structures become major determining factors for whether or not these organizations survive.

ART2102 will work with new generations of alternative spaces in Los Angeles by providing a non-institutional structure and framework to support their initiatives. ART2102 will extend its status as a non-profit and beneficiary of grants by redistributing its funds to several of these smaller experimental spaces, while generating and increasing their exposure through ART2102's communication networks and support systems. It is an effort which aims to expand ART2102's activities beyond the more traditional forms of exhibition and other curatorial projects by supporting the works and activities of these spaces while encouraging the possibility for their continued existence.

A series of discussions with artists, curators and writers along with documentation of the activities will culminate at the end of the year.

ART2102 is run by: Kate Fowle, Ronni Kimm and Renaud Proch

ART2102's Advsiory Board is composed of:
Rika Hiro [founding member]
Songmi Huff [founding member]
Tom Lawson
Erlea Maneros [former director]
Paul McCarthy
Kori Newkirk
Yoshua Okon

Past programming advisors: Walead Beshty, Phil Chang, Malik Gaines, Rita Gonzalez, Jesse Aron Green, David Hatcher, and Flora Wiegmann.

For any inquiries, please contact us at info at art2102 dot org.


ART2102 has been supported, in part, by generous contributions from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs..